Leftovers Make a Great Lunch

Hello again. Well, after breakfast I spent some time reading and checking out other blogs and then I went upstairs to my room to watch some Food Network. I was getting bored just sitting there doing nothing, so I decided, why not exercise?

I bought myself an elliptical machine a while back because… I don’t know, because I felt like it? Well, back at school I usually went to the gym and did the elliptical and it was by far my favorite of all machines so I thought, why not get one at home so I could exercise back at home, too? I guess my lazy side has won me over a million times because each and every day I decide against exercising because I opted to be slug and stay in bed.

Finally, I got energy today and decided it’s time to do some activity! Not only is a healthy diet important to health, but a regular exercise routine is also crucial to good health. (I should know.. I’ve been taught this over and over again in my nursing classes!). I’m proud to say I feel great after doing 40 minutes on my elliptical machine while watching my Spanish soap. 🙂 I’m really going to try and push myself to get more physically active on most days of the week. So, that’s my lesson for today: get active!

Enough chit-chat, though.. on to the food! For lunch, I had planned a BLT sandwich using the tempeh bacon I bought at Whole Foods, but I saw a ton of leftovers in the fridge that I knew my mom would throw out if nobody ate and like I’ve said before, I hate wasting food! So, I decided to have some tofu scramble my mom made this morning, some refried black beans, and a serving of GG blue corn tortilla chips with green salsa for dipping. On the side, i made myself a salad by chopping up some seedless cucumbers and had mixed greens as my base. I sprinkled the salad with fresh lime juice and a bit of salt. Delish! I also had an orange as my “dessert”.

Can you believe most of the meal could have gone to the garbage? Not when I’m here! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Leftovers Make a Great Lunch

  1. hey
    don’t worry i’m the same way about working out. A few months ago i made my parents buy a treadmill and planned to use it everyday. But i still haven’t used it! O well at least they use it everyday 🙂

  2. Manual Food Chopper says:

    I’m totally with you when it comes to buying a piece of exercise equipment and letting the dust start settling: I have a Gazelle and a treadmill collecting dust, but in the past 3 weeks I’ve been going on them 6 days/week (only taking Sunday off to kick back). As far as your lunch…healthy and tasty:! I’m a big fan of cobb salad myself. I usually get out my trusty little manual food chopper and dice up a whole tomato, a small onion (with the skin on since it slides off after using this bad boy), and a hard-boiled egg to go w/ the turkey that I throw in. I also make myself a strawberry banana juice w/ my blender if I have the time to complete it. Yummers!

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