“Yellow” There!

Hello there! Good morning everyone! Hehe, yesterday’s breakfast was brought to you by the color orange and today yellow decided to take center stage. 🙂

As I said last night, I had in mind a sweet snack for a night time snack, but my tummy was still quite full from dinner, so I decided to make it into today’s breakfast. Using my trusty ED&BV cookbook, I decided to bake the Sunny Pineapple Cake because it just sounded too good to not try. While baking the cake, the house smelled so lovely… I couldn’t wait to see the results! When I opened the oven door, I was in awe of the beautiful cake I had made.

I thought I would use VeggieGirl’s idea of putting some pineapple rings on top of the cake to make it look even more appealing. Great idea, VeggieGirl! Look how pretty it looks! Though I am sorry to say I did used canned pineapple, and not fresh (didn’t have any on hand). But it still looks very appetizing, no?

For breakfast this morning I decided to have a big slice of my Sunny Pineapple Cake to complement the sunny day outside.

My yummy slice with a delicious and refreshing glass of vanilla hempmilk.

All together with other yellow fruits: pineapple chunks and some more yummy yellow watermelon:

Ahh… this breakfast was most satisfying and totally cheered me up with all the bright yellow color present in it. I look forward to today’s sunny weather and I hope everyone else has a great Thursday! 😀


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