Post Grad Life

So I know I haven’t been real faithful with posting on this blog, but I gotta tell you, nursing school sucks up your life. Good News – I am an official recepient of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree that I’ve worked so hard for these past four years of my life. Bad News – It’s still not technically “over” since I still have to take the NCLEX-RN examination, which if I pass offically makes me a Registered Nurse, so I still have much studying and prep to do.

But with a little more free time that post grad life grants me, I will post from time to time any interesting eats I have. Today my sister invited my mom and myself to the Chicago Diner (my fave restaurant ever). We ordered the Nachos to start as an appetizer…



The nachos were amazing, as always… and totally vegan! Hooray! Then since I was in a Brunch kind of mood I decided to order their new sandwich, the Egg Biscuit (asked to be made vegan) to be nostalgic, as I used to LOVE McDonalds breakfast sandwiches back in my pregan days.

Yummy Egg Biscuit Sandwich with Diner Fries

 So good, so heavenly … best thing ever! Can’t wait until my next visit to Chicago Diner. Which I am sure will be pretty soon. 🙂


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