A Week Til Spring Break

Hello all!

I’ve been really busy as of late (who isn’t?), so I don’t have any food pics for you, bummer!

Just wanted to let you know that this week will be CRAZY as well as my Spring Break commences THIS FRIDAY and will go on until March 15! Yea! As happy as I am that it’ll be vacation time soon, that means tons of exams, projects, and work to do before I get my freedom.

Also, for my entire Spring Break I will be on a Medical Missions trip to the lovely countries of Costa Rica and Nicaragua!

I’m excited, but also stressed out with all that has to be done before my departure this Friday morning!


Wish me luck guys and I hope you all have a great week, too!


13 thoughts on “A Week Til Spring Break

  1. Your Spring Break is SO LONG! I’m jealous, although I do get 2 seperate Spring Breaks because of my school in AZ and my school here. haha

    The health food store I go to is in Winfield. It’s pretty hard to find since it’s so small but they always have tons of sales.

  2. Getting ready for trips (i.e. PACKING) gets me really stressed out, too! But you have lotsa spring break time…lucky! I hope you have the bestest funnest break ever!

    So you won’t be near Chicago around March 13-14? That might be when I come up again, so it would be sad if I missed you! Well if you are back from your foreign travels, maybe we could arrange a meet-up meal. And I am not sure what the street the Whole Foods we went to was on…. I will have to find out for you, but we were able to convince the pizza counter guy to add Teese to the vegan zza slices that were just plain roasted veggies and tomato sauce. Hopefully any WF in Chicago would have some Teese behind the counter somewhere to spice up the pizza for you! 😉

  3. Evie, we’ll miss you, but what an amazing spring break you are going to have! Can’t wait to read all about it.

    Do you get nervous traveling to foreign countries as a vegan? Do you worry about what you will eat? No worries in answering my question now as I know you’re super busy. I’m sure you’ll cover this when you talk about your trip after you get back. Just curious.

    Best of luck with all your school work…you’ll be on that plane before you know it!

  4. My daughter is with her high school group on a mission trip to Honduras this week, building a medical clinic and having Vacation Bible School type program for some of the children… It’s her 7th spring break Mission Trip and she looks SO forward to them. She was in Costa Rica a couple years back… Good luck!!!

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