WCMN Obsessed

So, I think I have this new obsession going on… I’m lovin’ anything white chocolate macadamia nut right now! Today, I had some white chocolate macadamia nut oatmeal (so good) for breakfast and both of my snacks were white chocolate macadamia nut flavored.

Hmm… obsessed much?

AM Snack


SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! I totally agree with Brooke in that this bar totally reminded me of a Rice Krispie treat, except 100x better! Mmm, my fave Luna flavor ever

PM Snack


Omg, this was like eating heaven. Seriously.. when I took a bite, I was like “Is this an energy bar or is this dessert??” You MUST try it now!


My ravenous sweet tooth started kickin in a few hours after dinner, and the only thing I had in my dorm room was this..


While I thought the Cherry Cashew was a bit to sweet for me, the Chocolate Brownie bar blew me away. It really did taste like a brownie… yum-yum! I savored every bite and paced myself while appreciating the chocolate goodness. Mmm! While this wasn’t exactly sweet (that’s ok, I don’t really like sweet chocolate), it was pure cocoa yumminess. I highly recommend this to chocolate (and non-chocolate!) lovers alike. Thanks for recommending these bars Shelby!

I know it seems like I eat only bars, but I promise you guys, I do eat real food, too. It’s just that these past few days I’ve been eating in the dining hall with friends, and I still feel a bit awkward photographing my meals in front of my friends. Someday I’ll muster up the courage to do so, though.

Before I go, I wanted to let you guys know about this awesome juicer giveway. Go enter (though I secretly wish I’ll win it, haha).


9 thoughts on “WCMN Obsessed

  1. Now I need some more of those bars! I’ve only tried the Clif bar but um rice crispie treat!?! I’m sold. Those are my favorite desserts!

    I’m so glad you liked the PureBar! I agree, it isn’t too sweet but I think the Jocolats are a little more bitter (which I’m not a fan of).

    Have a lovely night!

  2. I’m actually not a fan of luna bars, but I really wanna give that one a try!

    I’ve always wanted to like them, maybe I just need to find the right flavor.

    I know exactly what we mean about taking pictures in the dining hall, hopefully I’ll just get over it!

  3. i also love anything white chocolate macadamia! thanks for the shout out girly – im so glad you enjoyed it too! now i must search for the clif bar version.

    and dont worry about the meal pictures! i totally understand – i still love your blog 🙂 enjoy your night!

  4. Mmm, those Clif bars are really good! OK, I don’t know how I missed your white choc. mac. nut oatmeal post, but I did. I was just looking at the recipe. Evie, that sounds amazing, and I’m dying to try the Futter Nut Butters, but our Whole Foods doesn’t stock them. 😦 Strawberry almond butter – I was drooling over this flavor on their website earlier today. Please enjoy some for me!

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