Weekend @ Home

This past weekend I was able to go home since the Midwest was hit with BRUTAL weather (-30s people!!) and I figured since I would be cooped up inside my dorm anyway, I just as well could do that at home. πŸ™‚ Then we got hit with a snowstorm…


And then we had some neighbors stop by…


During this frigid weather, all I wanted was some good ol’ comfort food. For me, there’s nothing more comfortable than a plate of protein and starches, such as my Mommy’s well fried beans, some potatoes w/ veggies, and a slice of vegan cheese (Galaxy Rice American flavor .. really good!). I also threw in some Sunsweet Ones.. these are so good, they really are nature’s candy.


My mom made some yummy lentil soup and I decided to bake up a cornbread using the recipe in Vegan Lunch Box.


Unfortunately, this cornbread came out too dry and crumbly. So crumbly, in fact, it was difficult to cut a slice! I HATE dry cornbread. I love my cornbread to be sweet and MOIST, and I keep trying recipe after recipe to find that perfectly moist and sweet cornbread, but I keep failing. I don’t blame the recipe for this failure, I blame me for using cornflour instead of cornmeal (it was all I had on hand). Does anyone have a great sweet vegan cornbread recipe?

In an effort to try and post more frequently, I’m gonna take an idea from Miss Katie and do a “Vegan Nurse Meal of the Day” post as often as I can. What better way to start this new feature than with the first meal of the day – breakfast!


Today for breakfast I had one of these babies I found at Trader Joe’s…


A vegan carrot ginger oat bran muffin! While the package does not explicitly state that it’s vegan, the ingredient list is free of any dairy, eggs, or any other animal derived ingredient! Plus, it is so wholesome and short (no sugar! it’s fruit juice-sweetened) I couldn’t help but snatch these babies up. I love carrot anything – juice, cupcake, cake, raw.. and now I can add this muffin to my list. This was such a yummy and healthy muffin.. it was not too sweet and the ginger was perfect in it (not overpowering at all, but subtle and delicate). I can’t wait to try TJ’s other bran muffins.. yay for them carrying vegan baked goods!


Who else is bummed about the Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie recall?? I JUST bought a ton of em and a Jamfrakas Peanut Butter Crisp bar, and now you’re telling me I have to.. throw them away?! Boo! Now what will I do with them.. and when will I be able to eat these babies again? 😦


8 thoughts on “Weekend @ Home

  1. I didn’t even walk outside when it was under 0*, no way!

    I will have to try those cheese slices, I’ve heard good and bad reviews…
    Oh and those Sunsweet Ones sounds delish too.

    Now I will have to go back to TJ’s to get those muffins, YUMMY!

  2. Oooh, lots of snow and frigid temperatures!! Yikes!!

    Fabulous eats!!

    I had to throw out 7 of my Larabars (I now have 1 left = Apple Pie flavor). Thankfully Larabar was nice enough to refund my $$.

  3. Sorry about the recalled bars. The PB ones are really good – I’m sure we’ll be able to eat them again soon.

    Love anything by Trader Joe’s – such a great store. I’ve never been disappointed in any of their products.

    Thanks for posting the snow pictures…we rarely get any of the white stuff down here in Nashville. 😦

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