Nursing Care of the Adult

Hey guys! How was everyone’s week?

Well, besides having my first Nursing Care of the Adult (aka Med Surg) clinical (more on that later), the week was pretty mellow. Busy, yes, but mellow. Oh, yea, and the Midwest received HUGE amounts of rain that left a lot of flooding!! It’s crazy, but luckily my campus was not affected that much as other parts of the region. It was bad, but fortunately, it’s all over and we’re expecting no more rain this week. After two WHOLE days of pure rain, I’d say we’ve had enough, :-p.

I think as the semester progresses, the workload just seems to get bigger and bigger and there just seems to be no time left over to fit in all the work that needs to be done! Sometimes it just feels so overwhelming! I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. Why isn’t there enough time to do everything that needs to be done? *Sigh* I guess we have to make do with what time there is available.

Anyhoo, enough ranting, I’m sure you didn’t come to my blog for that. But before I get to this week’s interesting eats, I’ve got to talk a bit about my first ever Med Surg clinical!

It was… quite the experience! Not only did I have an interesting patient to care for, but I also had a tough-as-nails clinical professor who made the day quite more challenging than what I was prepared for! My clinical professor is pretty strict, demanding, and a bit neurotic at times, but she also seems to be one of the best professors I’ve had yet. She is constantly making me use critical thinking and always asks WHY I’m doing certain things. Well, sometimes I didn’t know WHY I was doing certain things (which is why you’ve got to really pay attention in class and prepare WELL the night before) and let me tell you, I got reprimanded for it! While at some points during my 5 hour clinical I felt like crying (like I said, she’s really tough on you!), I knew that my prof is only being so hard on me because she wants me to be competent and knowledgable, to ALWAYS be questioning my interventions and if they are of benefit to my patient. Because that’s what the nurse does – care for the patient. Our top concern is the patient and his/her well-being so we better know the best way that we can give care!

Well, that was my Nursing tale of the week. Don’t want to bore you anymore.. on to the food!

This week was pretty busy, and I unfortunately did not plan ahead of time what my meals for the week were going to be, so I basically ate a lot of oatmeal, nut butter sammies, and pasta throughout the week, but I was able to have some blog-worthy eats. Such as…

FFVegan’s Banana Coffee Cake

Yum! I’ve never had a coffee cake before (not a fan of coffee, yuck! But wouldn’t you know there’s actually no coffee in a coffee cake?? Lol), but ever since I saw this on her blog, I knew I just had to try it. Verdict: TRY IT! Not only was this cake super delicious, but super easy to make, too! The perfect breakfast pastry to enjoy with a tall glass of nondairy milk (I enjoyed it with almond milk).

Raw Brownie

I’ve never liked brownies. Never! They’re just too “chocolatey” for my taste (I’m not a fan of chocolate. Gasp! I know). But after having seen this particular brownie recipe on numerous blogs, I just had to give it a try. Not only was it real simple to make, but I liked that you could make this with carob powder, and being the carob fan that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed this decadent (though not really) treat! It was phenomenal for being raw and made with only 4 ingredients. So good! Make it if you haven’t already.. you won’t regret it!

WF Vegetarian Chili

I was able to make a quick trip home this weekend and stopped by the Whole Foods by my house to buy some ingredients I can’t get back at campus. While there I saw that the salad bar there had soup and since it had been pouring, I decided a nice bowl of chili would do me well. This chili was quite spicy.. moreso than I expected it to be, but it was good, nonetheless.

Throughout the week I was able to try new bars.

I thought that I would really like this bar, seeing as it has my all-time favorite spice in the starring role. But I was a bit disappointed. It’s not that the bar is bad.. I just didn’t really like the flavor. I was expecting something else. I’d much prefer the peanut butter cookie or cashew cookie varieties.

Another bar that I had real high hopes for.. and I ended up being disappointed once again. My favorite cookie is the Oatmeal Raisin so I thought I would really like this flavor, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. It was good, but not as great as I had thought it would be.

Another disappointment right? WRONG! I did not know what to expect with this flavor, but I was delightfully surprised to find I really enjoyed the maple flavor in each and every bite. Mmm! Finally, a winner in my book! This has got to be my #1 fave Clif bar flavor so far. Yum-yum!

Oh, and I have some bad news. I cracked, you guys.. I promised myself I wasn’t going to do this, but I just caved in. I had a craving and went for it…

So juicy and so meaty.. I feel so ashamed!

I did it… I said I wasn’t going to do it, but I did it..

I bought frozen food items to not have to cook. Ugh, I’m so lazy! I really got to start cooking my own meals and not depend solely on frozen food products. Convenient, yes. Delicious, yes. Economical? Not so much! As I was doing some produce shopping, I stumbled upon a package of Gardenburger’s BBQ Riblets and while I didn’t buy it that day, I found myself craving it so much that I had to give in and buy 3 boxes to have throughout the week for quick meals. These Riblets are so good guys.. you can enjoy them in tons of ways, but here you can see me having a Rib Spinach Wrap. It was really good, but I’ve got to start cooking more!

Anyhoo, I’ve been having quite the sweet tooth lately (well, technically, I ALWAYS have a sweet tooth, lol) and here are some desserts I’ve had this past week.

Meh.. another disappointment. What’s up with that, huh? Like I said, Oatmeal Raisin is my FAVE cookie ever, but this one was too “spicy” for my taste. Not me. I’m a cinnamon and nutmeg kind of girl.

I HAD to buy this when I saw it pop up at my local health food store! I’ve tried Coconut Milk yogurt before and was blown away with how good it was. So, naturally, I just had to try this ice cream! It was really good guys! So  creamy! For a second, I had to make sure I had bought the vanilla flavor variety and not the coconut flavor, but the coconut flavor was very prominent in this ice cream. It’s like I bought coconut flavor ice cream instead of the vanilla kind! But that’s ok with me, cuz I love coconut! What did I enjoy this special treat with? Well…

With Miss Eating Bender‘s Choconut Cookies of course!

I knew I just had to make these cookies when Liz blogged about it recently (that, plus the fact that I happen to have all the ingredients on hand!). To continue with the coconut theme, I enjoyed two of these tasty light pillows of coco goodness with my ice cream and a dollop pf Soyatoo. Mmm!! Perfect way to end a tiring day!

I made this extra special treat for myself today after having survived through my first Med Surg exam. Boy was it tough, but at least it gave me a good excuse to enjoy this yummy dessert on a Monday night. 😉

I should probably get some more studying done tonight (I’ve got my first Psych Mental Health Exam on Wed!) before hitting the sack tonight! I hope you all have a great week!


13 thoughts on “Nursing Care of the Adult

  1. Yum! You’ve certainly been making a lot of delicious treats. I’m really glad you enjoyed the Chococonut cookies 🙂 Yours look better than mine, haha!!

    That Med Surg clinical sounds so tough! I’m very impressed by all the hard work you are doing.

  2. Not sure if my first comment went through…

    You’ve certainly been cooking up a lot of great eats! And I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed the Chococonut cookies – yours look even better than mine 🙂

    It was also very interesting to read about the tough Med Surg – I’m very impressed with all of your hard work!

  3. The week has been busy-yet-good as well 🙂 Hang in there with the insane workload – it’s definitely frustrating, but I KNOW you’ll get through it!! We’ll BOTH get through it, somehow 😉

    Ahh, too bad about not liking the Cinnamon Roll Larabar 😦 I’ll gladly accept any leftovers!!! 😀


    Good luck studying!!

  4. I really like it when you include tidbits about your experiences in nursing school because I really would like to know what to expect!
    It sounds like you’re a little stressed out though so hang in there!

  5. babycakes says:

    Evey I especially love reading about your nursing school/clinical experiences because I’m going through the exact same thing right now. I’m actually in grad school for my masters to become an advanced nurse practitioner so I completely understand how insanely difficult it is (I have daily crying sessions over the amount of work) Hang in there! We can do it! It will all be worth it in the end 🙂

  6. Raw Brownies??!! Send me some =P

    I loooove Elina’s makeover too, it’s really unique. And I could believe she was a vegan either, awesome! I wonder how they cope with that in the house, like special foods, restaurants, ect…

  7. hi, i’m new to blogging! i hope you don’t mind i added you to my blogroll.

    and i ABC cookies! but the oatmeal raisin is the only flavor i have yet to try. my personal favorite is the lemon poppyseed. it is unbelieveable! and my second favorite is the phenonomal pumpkin. they are perfect for fall with a cup of coffee.

  8. I feel you 100% on the nursing workload! This week I had my first two tests, first clinical, and two masteries (I finish the second one this afternoon!). It’s definitely been a stressful week…but I still managed to find some time for a little baking to relieve the stress! I can’t wait to hear more about your clinical experiences. My first one was pretty quiet and relaxed since I’m working at a smaller hospital, but it gave me a chance to adjust and ask lots of questions without being so overwhelmed! I’m sorry about the tough nursing instructor…but that’s what will make us better nurses in the end! I don’t have my first patient for another couple of weeks, so I have yet to fill out the nursing care plan…pretty intimidating! I hope you have a GREAT weekend girl, and have some time to relax before the next week starts up! :0)

  9. Wow, that teacher of yours sounds tough! I hate it when they make you want to cry, or when they actually do make you cry… At least you’re learning, though. You have had some seriously good eats! I love extra spicy oatmeal cookies and will have to get on that ABC oatmeal cookie, even though you didn’t like it. Peanut butter is one of my top weaknesses, but so is maple syrup. You totally, completely have me craving the Maple Nut Clif Bar now! Last time I tried it I wasn’t that hungry, and a lot of bloggers have discovered that Clif Bars taste the best when you are really really hungry…So I can’t wait to try it again next time I feel famished! 🙂

  10. I just finished my Med Surg I clinicals, and I completely agree with all you’ve written – it was definitely the hardest semester ever! I sympathize! You’ll do great, though – I can tell from your enthusiasm! Thank you so much for your wonderful writing about the experiences, and the wonderful foods you discover along the way…

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