Back to Campus

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging recently.. things have been chaotic and busy these past few days with packing and moving. Currently, I am in the midst of moving in, so I don’t know when I’ll be posting again or if it will even be frequently with the start of classes, so I’m just going to be playing it by ear!

I’ll hopefully be back soon.. it’s going to be busy, busy, busy this junior year in the nursing program! Wishing all of you guys a great back to school time!


-Evey, Vegan Nurse


4 thoughts on “Back to Campus

  1. trustmyintuition says:

    Good luck, Evey! I’m so not ready to go back. We’re both going to be very busy nursing students (vegan ones!!! haha) I already have work to do 😦

  2. trustmyintuition says:

    I am in med surg right now!!! I know it’s going to be a challenge. I have psych next summer and OB/Peds in the spring! I’m excited for that one!

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