Healthy Decadence

I love when you can have a “naughty” breakfast and not have to feel any guilt whatsoever. What did I decided to have for breakfast this morning? A banana split!

No, I haven’t gone crazy and had ice cream for breakfast.. I just copied the idea of having oatmeal, banana-split style as so many fellow bloggers have. Everytime I saw this delectable breakfast being blogged about, I knew I had to make it soon!

For my version of banana split oatmeal, I made 1/2 of oats that were made using vanilla almond milk, carob chips, and shredded coconut. Then, I used an ice cream scoop to make two “scoops” of oatmeal to sandwich in between a delicious banana. I topped it with a dollop of Ricemellow and some crushed up granola bar and garnished with two delicious strawberries. Yum! Was this really good! Whoever came up with this concoction, kudos to you, man! What a wonderful way to enjoy an old staple! Will definitely do this again!

Here’s some more pics for your viewing pleasure:

Have a great humpday!


9 thoughts on “Healthy Decadence

  1. I recently made Banana Split oatmeal too and thought it was such a great invention. My next blog will most likely be about my experience eating this wonderful concoction.

  2. Hi! I just found your blog. πŸ™‚

    I love the idea of a healthy banana split for breakfast… although I have been known to have ice cream for breakfast!

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