I’m Sick

Hey guys…

Sorry for the delayed post once again! I was sick with a stuffy nose and ichy throat all day yesterday, so I couldn’t make my way over to the computer, but I’m better now.

In an effort to cheer myself up a little bit yesterday, I decided to have a cookie for breakfast. I got a Frankly Natural Bakers Peanut Butter cookie from my local health food store and with such wholesome ingredients, I couldn’t help but have it as a naughty breakfast (though, really it wasn’t all that naughty).

The cookie was dusted with some powdered sugar (because, what DON’T I dust with powdered sugar?) and had it with some sweet cut up mango, and a glass of almond milk. Mmm.. definitely a satisfactory breakfast for a cookie monster like me. 🙂 And it did help to cheer me up a bit.

Throughout the day, I started to feel nauseous and at one point I thought I was going to have to throw up, but luckily, I didn’t. Needless to say, I did not have any more meals throughout the day except for some sparkling water and some fruit here and there. It was not a very good day yesterday. 😦

But I do feel a bit better today, and there’s so much stuff I have to do before I leave for this weekend, so this is not a good time to get sick!

In an effort to eat up all vegan friendly food I have here at home, I decided to have 2 Van’s Natural 7 Grain Belgian waffles, topped it with some powdered sugar and dipped slices in 2 tbsp of cashew butter. I ate some cantaloupe on the side.

I’m off to do some back to campus shopping.. see you guys later! Have a great Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “I’m Sick

  1. Feel better!!! And I hope I don’t HAVE to be sick to have cookies for breakfast?? 🙂 I love my workout cookies in the morning – they totally give me the kick I need before I hit the gym. Yes to powdered sugar! I picked some up today for some cupcakes I am making for my students!!

    Feel better. 🙂

  2. Celine says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better today, you poor thing. fingers crossed for your health to keep on improving in the coming days…
    that cookie looks absolutely scrumptious by the way.

  3. Please feel better soon!

    Ooh, peanut butter cookies are so good! I know if I had one for breakfast, though, my blood sugar would start going crazy and I would want to eat cookies all day. I know from experience. 🙂 So no more cookie breakfasts for me, but I’m glad it cheered you up!

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