Last Sunday

This is my last Sunday being at home, and I can’t help but have mixed feelings.

I’m excited to start a new year of school, go back to campus, and see friends… but I will be leaving my family and home behind.. *sigh*, I guess you just got to enjoy the time you’ve got left and when it’s time to get back to work, it’s time to work!

Since I woke up pretty late last night, I didn’t really have a “dinner”, but a nighttime snack instead. I decided to try out a Nana’s Cookie I got from my local health food store. I got the Ginger flavor and though I enjoyed it at first, the ginger flavor started to get more and more intense and it was a bit off-putting. The cookie was also very different in terms of texture.. it was a bit unpleasant. Overall, I was a bit disappointed in the cookie, but I finished it off anyways. I ate the cookie with a glass of almond milk (not pictured).

For brunch this morning, I had a wafflewich made with multigrain waffles sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with 2 tbsp of peanut butter, strawberry jelly, and made myself a Banana Date Wheat Germ smoothie (inside my spiffy Six Flags bottle).

For today’s dinner, we ordered take out from our local veggie Mexican restaurant. I ordered the “Nopalitos Guisados”, which is descried as diced cactus seasoned with dry pepper, onions, and garlic served with Spanish rice and black beans. Mmm.. cactus is so tender and so “lemony” and citrusy.. so good paired with perfectly cooked black beans. Delish!

Since I did eat a late meal, I wasn’t in the mood for another meal. I wanted a sweet treat, so I decided to try out two new things my sister got a WF. Soy Dream Butter Pecan Ice Cream and a WF fair trade vegan brownie.

I really enjoyed the butter pecan ice cream.. it was so “buttery” and had a hint of caramel in it.. sooo good! Definitely try it guys! As for the brownie, I thought that it was quite chocolately and very deep, which is ok if you’re a chocoholic, but I found it to be overpowering for my palate. But it balanced out quite nicely with the ice cream.

I had a pretty good weekend and I hope you guys did as well. I’m turnin’ in for the night.. later!


5 thoughts on “Last Sunday

  1. Ah yes, returning to school is always bittersweet – hang in there!!

    Sorry that the cookie was disappointing 😦 But hey, your wafflewich and smoothie sound great! Yum!

  2. yumm your dinner sounds so good and definitely it really cactus!? im about to head back to school too…and while i cant wait to get back im also not ready to leave summer and home behind, so i know the bittersweet feeling your talking about. goodluck with the beginning of your school year!

  3. Nana’s Cookies are my #1 favorite, but the only ones I love are the no-wheat variety. No-Wheat Chocolate Chip is my favorite, and No-Wheat Oatmeal is really good too. It’s that barley flour — it’s soooo good in cookies, you should really try those ones! But thanks for the warning about the ginger one. I don’t think I’ll try that one now…

    You ate cactus?! That’s awesome! I know agave nectar is made from cactus, but eating the main part of the plant is a little different. I need to find a vegetarian Mexican restaurant to go to!

    Brownies and ice cream together sounds fabulous. I haven’t had that combo in sooo long, I’ll have to follow your lead very soon.

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