Finally Found It

I love peanut butter, and all nut butters, for that matter. But peanut butter, being the classic that it is, will always be a top fave of mine. So when I started seeing in blogs about this Nature’s Path Peanut Butter granola, I just had to try it as well.

But as I searched and searched through all the stores to find this granola, I was never able to find one. That is, until very recently, my closest Whole Foods started carrying it and I just had to snatch up a box.

For today’s breakfast, I decided to pour myself a bowl of this granola and top it with some wheat germ, poured in some almond milk and had a banana on the side.

Omg, this granola is INSANE. In each and every bite, there was an explosion of peanut buttery goodness that I just loved. This granola seriously rocks and I will definitely try to keep this cereal in my pantry.

I’m going to do some chores now. Have a great Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Finally Found It

  1. You are making me crave granola. And nut butter. I am upset about this. My eating is done for the day. Now I have to wait to satisfy these cravings. This is going to be tough. 😦

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