Veggie Bite

Hey all.. sorry for such a delayed post.

My mom and I have been out and about running errands and visiting some friends. Before we went out, though, I thought it best to eat lunch at home, but my options were limited. So, I decided to have some more freshly cooked red beans and some potato hash my mom left for my sister along with a simple salad of finely chopped cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes. I topped the potatoes with a little bit of Claire’s Cheeze Sauce from La Dolce Vegan to spruce things up a bit.

Fast, simple, and easy lunch, as always. 🙂

Beans fill me up so well, it’s not even funny! I’m glad I ate this lunch, because it would be another 5 and half hours until I would be able to eat something again. Since my mom had to run errands around the south part of town (and I mean, way south!), I decided to finally make a trip to a vegan fast food joint I’d been dying to try for months. Yes, you read right: an ALL VEGAN FAST FOOD restaurant. The name of the place is Veggie Bite, a vegan eatery proudly claiming it’s the “first fast-service vegan restaurant EVER”.

I was so excited to finally go into a restaurant and not have to search the menu and PRAY that there’d be a vegan option (or something that can be veganized). There were so many choices to choose from, all things that you would typically find at a fast food restaurant. After much thought and deliberation, I finally decided to order some Tofu Nuggets and a side order of Chili Cheese Fries.

While the Tofu Nuggets were not something to swoon over (they tasted pretty bland to me) the chili cheese fries totally blew me away! So ooey, so gooey, and so cheesy with the hint of spiciness from the perfectly seasoned chili.. oh gosh, was this ever so good! I’ve never had chili cheese fries back when I was an omni, I’m pretty sure that none of those could compare to the awesome goodness that this vegan version was. Granted, it is a fried treat, but what the heck, guys, I wanted to live a little! Who knows when I could be back to this restaurant since it is a bit far away to come to often, so I totally enjoyed each and every bite (and I did reluctantly share some of my fries with my mom and sis, who also enjoyed it very much).

After such a hearty meal (and a day full of fried goodness), I couldn’t possibly fathom the idea of any dessert tonight, so I decided to just eat some blueberries that were perfectly sweet. It was just what I wanted to conclude today’s eats.

I’m off, guys.. have a great night!


5 thoughts on “Veggie Bite

  1. I wish they had a Veggie Bite by my house! How awesome!! I’m so glad you’re back girl…You look beauuutiful in your pictures and it looks like you had a wonderful vacation/birthday!! :0)

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