Cheeze and Carrots

Well, today was quite uneventful. Just another day of being at home, reading, exercising, and watching TV. Ahh.. it feels good to have nothing to do, hehe.

For dinner today, I decided to make an old comfort classic: Mac and Cheese, veganized, of course. 😉 Using the recipe out of La Dolce Vegan, I made a very delicious and comforting bowl of mac and cheese. Mmm.. so good! I ate my bowl alongside a simple salad comprised of spinach leaves and peach slices.

For dessert tonight, I decided to go raw! As my first ever raw vegan dessert, I chose to make the Carrot Cake recipe out of Ani Phyo’s “uncook” book. Here is my huge slice just waiting to be devoured.

While not many would enjoy the thought of eating a raw desesrt, I found to enjoy this dessert just as well as any other cooked dessert I’ve had. And it was good for me, too! Can’t beat that in a dessert!

I’m off to catch some z’s, but I’ll see you guys in the AM! Good night!


2 thoughts on “Cheeze and Carrots

  1. I agree with you, it’s nice to be at home. Especially after you’ve been gone for such a long time!

    I also made Ani’s Carrot Cake but thought it was just okay. I ended up having to throw half of it away since no one liked it 😦

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