Out and About, Chicago-Style!

Well, not only is my trip just days away, but today also marked the last day that my little cousin is staying with us. She leaves very early in the morning, so we thought that we’d make her last day here in Chicago super-fun by taking her to Navy Pier. I myself have gone to this place a few times as part of school field trips, but I’ve never gone with my family. It’s more of a tourist attraction, but I think natives can also find it very fun to go to.

But before I talk about my night at Navy Pier, let’s talk about food!

For lunch today, I kept it simple (really, when do I not keep it simple?) and had some peanut butter on whole wheat toast with some grape jelly for dipping. I also ate a peach on the side.

For dinner, we decided to take out my cousin to The Cheesecake Factory, since cheesecake is her favorite dessert. I decided to order the Vegetable Chopped Salad (no cheese and please no chicken!). I was pleased with this dish, as it had both savory and sweet tones to it. Very enjoyable salad. I could only eat about 3/4 of it though, before deciding I was stuffed.

After dinner, we went straight to Navy Pier and enjoyed the famous Ferris Wheel and rode some other rides as well as just walking around and enjoying the place. It was loads of fun and I’m sure my cousin enjoyed her last night here, too. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

The Ferris Wheel

Views of Chicago from on top of Ferris Wheel

Fun times, fun times! Well, I’m off to bed now, as I am quite pooped from tonight! Hope you guys had a good Friday! See y’all in the AM! šŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Out and About, Chicago-Style!

  1. I’ve never really known what to order at the Cheesecake Factory, because the portions are so big…but your meal looks perfect! That ferris wheel picture looks so professional!! Looks like you had a fun night! :0)

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