Baking (Mis)Adventures!

Today was another day that went by so fast with all the prepping for our trip.. gosh, you think we’d be prepped enough already! I just want to be in Nicaragua already, and fast forward all this pre-trip frenziness!

For lunch today, I had two Heart Rye Wasa crackers topped with my banana cream cheese and had it alongside leftover Vegetable Chopped Salad (from The Cheesecake Factory) and fresh kiwi.

For dinner today, I went semi raw by having refried beans alongside some fresh raw yellow squash and zucchini slices. I also had some Annie’s Goddess Dressing on the side for dipping. Raw zucchini and yellow squash have interesting flavors.. they seem to be sweeter than when cooked, at least it seemed that way to me. A nice and light dinner.. just what I wanted!

Now, I love to bake… I love baking more than I do cooking. It’s amazing how you can turn some flour and sugar into delectable treats. The process is so soothing and comforting.. there’s really nothing better, in my opinion. Oh, expect EATING the treats that you baked!

I found  that I seem to bake something up when I’m stressed out, nervous, or bored. Hehe.. whatever the case, I’m get so happy when I get to enjoy the food I baked!

In midst of all this craziness, I decided to bake up two new treats: cookies to be exact! I have been craving cookies for the longest time and I just had to satisfy it. Deciding which cookie recipe to make, though, was no easy task! I finally decide on two recipes: The Everyday Vegan’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and VeggieGirl’s Almond Butter Hemp Cookies (will hopefully blog about these later).

Well, sometimes, mistakes can happen in baking and it certainly happened to me today. Instead of adding baking soda to these cookies like I thought I had, I had actually put in arrowroot powder instead! I didn’t realize this until after the cookies were baked. Despite my mistake, it didn’t seem like the cookies have suffered from my mistake. So, for tonight, I proceeded to enjoy a cookie for dessert. I didn’t know which one to eat first though, since both looked so tantalizing… I decided to try TEV’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookie first and when I went to grab the cookie, it crumbled to pieces. 😦 I still managed to salvage some pieces and the taste was very good, too. I also enjoyed the last of Vcon’s Banana Date Scone and had some watermelon on the side. Delicious way to end the day!

I’m off to bed now, as I am tired and stuffed. See you in the AM!


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