Hey guys!

Well, I feel a bit better this morning. The icky feeling seems to only happen AFTER I eat something and occurs hours after I’ve eaten, so I was hungry in the morning, so I decided to crank out a decadent breakfast, to lift my spirits. 🙂

I decided to make myself Stuffed French Toast filled with Banana Cream Cheese. I pretty much just winged it. I made some french toast using the recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance. First, I lightly toasted up two slices of Rudi Whole Wheat Bread, spread some homemade Banana Cream Cheese on one slice, and topped it with the second slice. I took the sandwich and dipped it in the batter. Then I cooked it in my grill pan, sliced it in half, and drizzled some delicious blueberry compote on it. I finished the whole thing with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and ate the leftover banana from my cream cheese concoction.

OH, GOSH… was this ever so good!! I can’t believe I was able to create such a delicious breakfast… before I went vegan, I used to love to eat the Stuffed French Toast at ihop, but now, I have to say, my version is so much better and so much healthier! Yum yum! 😀

Look at that cream cheese oozing out of the french toast!! Ahh.. heavenly!

More angles to look at…

Not only was my French Toast stuffed.. but so was I after devouring it! Whew.. I think I’m gonna go rest on the couch for a bit, lol. See you soon!


7 thoughts on “Stuffed!

  1. omg!! that stuffed ‘fronch’ toast looks phenomenal!!! Yum yum yum!!

    By the way, I bought a spread called avjar – it’s a foreign spread but it has the same color/ingredient (almost) as your roasted red pepper and eggplant spread – I tried some – it’s sooo good!!

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