I don’t know what it is.. I guess it’s all the stress of getting ready to leave that’s getting to me. I have no appetite at all.. I even feel a bit icky. 😦 I should be really happy that I’m going to visit an amazing country, but it’s getting there that’s driving me crazy. The packing and lots of things to buy.. I shouldn’t have left this all for the week before going. Ugh, the procrastinator in me…

I did get to eat a light lunch today, practically the same as yesterday’s: hummus and Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant spread on a Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat English Muffin. So yummy and doughy.. I wish I could’ve appreciated it more though. I had that with some more watermelon and drank some water as well.

I didn’t get to eat anything after lunch.. I had some errands to run and food just didn’t sound too appealing to my queasy stomach. 😦 I did manage to make myself eat another delicious scoop of Peanut Banana Ice Cream, since it is made up of nutritious ingredients. Sadly, I wasn’t able to truly enjoy this yummy dessert.

Ugh.. I hope to get my appetite back soon! I miss my food, lol. Hopefully, tomorrow will get better, I’m optimistic! 🙂 Have a good night guys!


3 thoughts on “Ick

  1. I’m feeling the exact same way! I had to take double of my medication because I accidentally missed a day and it’s really making me feel nauseated.

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