4th of July Weekend

Hi everybody! How was everyone’s 4th of July weekend? I had a good time with family and having get-togethers and enjoying the awesome summer weather. 🙂

Without further ado, on to the eats!

Friday, July 4


I decided to have a Vcon Banana Wheat Germ Muffin I had baked the night before for breakfast. I enjoyed this delicious and nutritious muffin with some vanilla rice milk and a banana. I was in pure banana heaven!


For the 4th of July, we deiced to go over to a family friend’s house and have a BBQ. I guess while we were there, throwing fireworks, playing with the little kids, and enjoying their pool, I forgot to eat! This is WAY unusual for me, since I love to eat and get cranky when I don’t eat during my mealtimes. I didn’t end up eating until 5:30!  I decided to eat a grilled sweet plantain with some beans, chunky salsa, grilled scallions, and grilled corn tortillas.


For an evening snack, I ate some grilled corn on the cob (no pic) seasoned with salt and pepper.

Saturday, July 5th


I had a mix of Peanut Butter Puffins and Kashi Go Lean cereal in vanilla rice milk and a banana on the side.


I ate a lunch on-the-go of about 1/2 cup or so of mixed nuts, dried apricots, some fresh grapes and I also ordered a Tall Passion Shaken Iced Tea from Starbucks.


For dinner, we ate take out from our favorite Mexican vegetarian restaurant. I ordered another gordita, but this time filled with vegetarian refried beans and seasoned cactus. The catus was deliciously spicy and tasted very “limey”. If you haven’t tried catcus before and its available at a restaurant, be adventurous and give it a try! You might find that you quite like its unique taste!


I had a refreshing plate of fresh watermelon and kiwi. Delish!

Sunday, July 6th


I decided on another bowl of cold cereal. This time I mixed Peanut Butter Puffins with Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s in vanilla rice milk. I also sprinkled in some flaxmeal on top.  I had a banana on the side.


For some reason, I wasn’t in the mood for a big meal (maybe it’s the heat?) so I just had a some sliced white peach, cut carrots and celery, about 1/4 cup or so of hummus and three corn tostadas.


For dinner, the family decided to order take out again from the Mexican restaurant. I ordered the same thing as yesterday (yes, catcus is that tasty!): a gordita stuffed with veggie refried beans and seasoned cactus. I also ate 1/4 of a large avocado and a deliciously ripe and sweet champagne mango. Perfecto!


I had some fresh watermelon and a Vcon Banana Date Scone (these are soo good!!). Perfect end to a wonderful holiday weekend!

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend. Well, I’m off to watch the Boston-New York baseball game. Not that I’m a fan or anything, but it’s what the fam is watching, so I’ll just join ’em. Go Yankees! 😉 Night!


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