Cool Day

Despite it being the 3rd of July, today was a bit on the cooler side, and it seems it’ll be like that for the whole weekend, and I’m ok with that. I’m a fan of pleasurable weather, not so much a heat kind of girl!

This afternoon when we were at the mall, my mom and I were hit with hunger so we decided to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen. I wasn’t expecting to eat out while shopping, so I didn’t bring a camera, sorry! But for lunch, I ordered the Grilled Veggie Salad. So delicious, though, like always, I wish that there were more veggies!

For an afternoon snack, I had a small bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins (mmm!), a large navel orange, and two kiwis. Refreshing and light snack, just what I wanted!

For dinner tonight, I ate a tasty new find from Trader Joe’s.

I ate one of these deliciously spicy patties alongside a large sweet potato, some chunky salsa, and carrots and celery. Delish! Definetly give these patties a try, especially if you like Indian food.

For my dessert tonight, I decided to take advantage of the cool weather and bake up a treat! While flipping through the masterpiece that is Veganomicon and stopped when I saw an intriguing recipe: Banana Date Scones. I have a new found love for scones, and there were bananas in my kitchen that were getting almost completely black. They were begging to be baked into this! I enjoyed my banana date scone with a nice cold glass of soymilk.

You all have a good night!


7 thoughts on “Cool Day

  1. That burger looks irresistable! What an unusual combination–burgers are so…. American. Masala is decididly not American. Oh well, who am I to complain about mixing cultures, I recently ate Indian curry on rice noodles ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love CPK – and yes, that salad needs to have more vegetables. Have you tried their vegetable pizza (sans cheese)?? It’s amazing.

    You picked a wonderful scone recipe from Veganomicon – yum!!

  3. If I had access to a Trader Joes I’d be all over those burgers, they look great.
    Banana date scones sure sound amazing too. Mail me one?! Haha

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