Church Day

Hi all, just wanted to do a post before heading off to church, so on to the eats!

Before leaving for the party (btw, it was a girl’s 1st birthday party.. how cute!), I decided to make myself a quick lunch comprised of my mango almond yogurt, the last of my mom’s veggie Chop Suey, and some chunky salsa.

At the party, i just nibbled at the vegan-friendly foods: some assorted fruits, had two grilled corn on the cob, and ate some nuts. The little baby girl was so cute, I carried her all throughout the party.

For breakfast today, I kept it fast and simple: some Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s, a huge banana, almond milk and flaxmeal. Delish! (It was a bit too hot to try the warm cereal idea from VeggieGirl, but I am dying to try that version!)

I’m off to praise the Lord.. see you guys later!


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