Adventure to Whole Foods

Hey everyone.. sorry for the late post.. yesterday was a blast at the zoo. My cousin enjoyed it thoroughly, :). We all did, actually, so much so that we didn’t really eat an actual meal… we just ate some packed up fruit and water. It was pretty hot outside yesteday, and with all the walking, all we wanted to do was drink water!

When it was time to go back home I convinced my mom to go to a Whole Foods near The Chicago Diner that was the only one in the city that sold Teese cheese pizza (read about teese by clicking the link). This Whole Foods was awesome.. it was bigger than the usual one I go to and had so much more items! I even found Futters’ Hazelnut Butter there (sorry VeggieGirl, couldn’t buy one cause I didn’t have enough cash on me! Maybe next time…).

I had my pizza slice custom made with whole wheat dough and it was hot and ready to go in 20 minutes. I decided to wait and eat this pizza until we got back home.. which was about a whole hour LATER due to the tremendous traffic we hit! The cheese on my pizza was flawless when it ws first served to me, but by the time we got home, it was gone?? I don’t know what happened to all the cheese, but the taste was still there and I did enjoy my vegan pizza alongside some carrot (it was a HUGE slice).

I also ate another huge orange on the side (not pictured). This left me quite stuffed the rest of the day until evening, when I decided to have a peanut butter Z bar as my dessert (not pictured).

Sorry again for the late post, I do apologize.. it’s just that I didn’t have time yesterday.


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