Salvadorean Dinner

So after lunch, I decided to walk around the neighborhood and take my little cousin to the nearest library. We had so much fun, reading and checking out the kids’ books, it was great. While we were there, I ate my snack of about 1/4 cup mixed nuts (cashews, pistachios, pecans) and 4 dried apricots.

When we came back, my mom had prepared a fabulous Salvadorean dinner. She makes pupusas at least once bi-weekly, so I decided to skip my original dinner plans and ate a pupusa she made especially for me. My pupusa was stuffed with refried red beans, seasoned tofu, and potato. Delish! I topped it with the traditional cabbage and carrot cole slaw. Delicioso!

While reading Legally Vegan blog, I saw she blogged about an interesting eggplant dip. I also had this spicy eggplant dip using this recipe and I really enjoyed it. Definitely recommended, especially for those who like a kick.

For dessert tonight, I went plain and simple: fresh fruit. I had some watermelon and bing cherries. Yumm!

I’m ready to go lay low for a bit, watch an old movie or something. You all have a great night! 😀


3 thoughts on “Salvadorean Dinner

  1. LK says:

    I’ve never tried pupusas, but it looks very good, especially with the carrot slaw and tofu and potato combination.

    I love fruit as a dessert!

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