Cheezy Lunch

Hi guys, how are you?

It’s been a pretty mellow day here in the ol’ Windy City. There’s been scattered showers, so it’s been gray on and off here. That’s ok, though, cause I didn’t have too much planned for today.

For lunch today, I decided to have an all-American classic: mac and cheese! Vegan, of course! I’ve been debating for ages which recipe I should try since I really wanted to have an awesome experience trying it veganized for the first time. After much ado, I decided upon the recipe Lindsay has on her blog. Lindsay is, quite frankly, a genius! This mac and cheese was so good.. of course, it was NOT the same as regular mac and cheese, but this had its own delicious take that I just couldn’t help but fall in love with it! A winner recipe for sure!

I also had a huge navel orange with it on the side. After having a couple of bites, I couldn’t help but add in a little kick, so I swirled in a tbsp of chunky salsa.

I’m off to the library to return some things, you all have a great day!


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