Awful Luck

Ugh.. it seems like I’ve been suffering a bad case of bad luck lately… yesterday, a very bad thing happened: I lost my wallet in a Wal-Mart. I don’t know how I could’ve lost it (it was inside my bag!), but all I know is that one second it’s in my bag, and the other, it’s not. I guess I shouldn’t be wearing no-zipper bags… ugh, I scoured the whole Wal Mart retracing my footsteps around the store and even asked the store manager to look at the cameras and see if I’d been pit-pocketed, but no such luck.. the wallet seemed to have been sucked up into Earth’s core because it was nowhere to be found. 😦

The bag contained no cash (I always have that on my person, but it did have my Driver’s License, all of my credit cards, and some other miscellaneous junk. 😦 This really sucks hard-core, guys. Always be checking your purse and never let your guard down ANYWHERE.

Well, at the risk of being even more further depressed reminiscing, let’s move on to the weekend eats.

Like I said, on Saturday I went to go visit the new little baby, Geovanni, and this was definitely the highlight of my weekend. This little guy was so cute and, in my sister’s words: “perfect”. Before leaving for the hospital, I had a quick lunch of whole wheat pita, my mom’s leftover Chop Suey, some salsa, and some mango.

On our way to visit the new little fella, we passed by a Starbucks and I was craving an ice cold drink, so we stopped there. I ordered an iced vanilla soy green tea latte (thanks Paulina for the recommendation!) and it was sooo good and soo refreshing! Will definitely get one of these guys again!

Then, it was time to meet Geovanni! Oh, guys, he is so adorable… look at this little fella:

SO CUTE! Can’t wait to see him again very soon…

For dinner that night, my sis wanted to go to California Pizza Kitchen. It was my first time eating there, and honestly, I was not in the mood to eat pizza, so I ordered their Grilled Vegetable Salad.. it was very good but I wished they put more veggies on it. Didn’t take a pic of it cause I was a little shy to do so in a restaurant, lol.. but I will next time!

For Sunday, I made my regular bowl of Banana Coconut oats. No pic of it, sorry. Was in a rush…

For lunch, out family went out to eat at famous Chicago pizzeria: Home Run Inn. I ordered a personal veggie delight pizza with no cheese. It was tasty, but not as great as Amy’s Roasted Veggie Pizza!

My first two slices:

My next slice..

And my last and final fourth slice…

Later that night was when all this lost wallet fiasco occured, so I totally lost my appetite and only ate random fruit that night.

For breakfast this morning, another bowl of Banana Coconut oats, with a tbsp of White Chocolate Peanut Butter and a mango seed.

I’m off to replace my ID and Driver’s License.. ugh.. this totally sucks guys.. I hope everyone had a great weekend though and enjoy your Monday!


4 thoughts on “Awful Luck

  1. I’ve had that same salad at CPK, and I totally agree–not enough veggies!

    Sorry to hear about losing your wallet…replacing IDs and credit cards can be such a pain!

    Geovanni is adorable!

  2. I’m so sorry for your bad luck! That must really suck 😦

    I’m glad you like Starbuck’s Soy Green Tea Latte, I call it the nectar of the gods LOL! It’s really that good!

  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your wallet! That’s so depressing, biggest pain in the butt ever!

    On a happier note though, Geovanni is adorable!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your wallet! Things like that can be so frustrating! I hope you get everything straightened out soon.

    The grilled veggie salad is my favorite thing to get from CPK. I love it!

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