New Baby

Good morning everyone! It’s the weekend and I’m sure many of you are happy that it is.. I know I am!

Today, my family and I are going to go visit a new baby – little Geovanni! Remember a couple weeks back when my sister and I hosted a baby shower? Well, that little bundle of joy was born early morning yesterday and today we shall go see him and his mother. Everything went well, which is always great to hear!

To start my day, I decided to make another one of my mango almond yogurts (about 5 oz of vanilla soy yogurt, chopped up mango, sliced almonds, flaxmeal, and some unsweetened coconut) and had it alongside another yummy Blueberry Carob Chip Scones. I also had a couple of bing cherries that were just perfect.

I took a bite out of the scone before snapping the pic.. I was impatient, lol.

Alright, so I’m off to clean around th house a bit and get ready for when my sister comes to go see the new baby. I’m excited! You all enjoy your Saturday!


2 thoughts on “New Baby

  1. Okay, that yogurt combo sounds divine! I especially love the addition of the coconut! You know what I find works zSO well with coconut? Dried papaya! Just a tiny bit (maybe a tablespoon) cut up into little chunks and mixed throughout for the little chew:) But if you’re craving that smooth texture, I’d totally stick with your combo!

    I wonder if yogurt can freeze at all into froyo? If then put in a food proc? I think an operation is in order because your combo there would make SOME insaaanely delicious frozen yogurt, I’m sure! πŸ™‚

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