Rainy Friday

It was a rainy day all day today.. quite the sad day outdoors, but inside it was crazy fun playing around with my little cousin.

For lunch, my mom decided to order take out from our favorite vegetarian Mexican restaurant. I ordered what I always get: two gorditas, one filled with guacamole and beans, and the other filled with potatoes and tofu. Better than any gorditas they have at Taco Bell, that’s for sure!

For a snack, I had some sliced almonds and two plums. Again, no pic.. I don’t know wy i’ve made a habit of not taking pics of my snacks!

For dinner, my mom made some “Chop Suey”, which was really just carrots, cabbage, andsome other veggies, boiled and sauteed in some Earth Balance. I also boiled up some cauliflower and had some refried beans and salsa on the side. I was left STUFFED! Who says veggies can’t fill you up?

For dessert tonight, I had some bing cherries and the last Toffuti Ice Cream Sandwich bars.

I’m stuffed and pooped. It’s off to bed for me! Good night y’all!


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