Family Time

Hey guys, I’ve got to make this a SUPER quick post because I have to entertain my little cousin.. it’s been a blast while she’s here! And my mom’s back too.. so glad to have her back!

For lunch I just wanted something light, so I cut up another mango and topped it with vanilla soy yogurt, almond slices, flaxmeal, and shredded coconut and had a side of the last two corn tostadas and some chunky mild salsa.

For a snack, I had two “big cherries: .. lol, they were plums that really do look like huge cherries. Didn’t snap a pic, sorry!

For dinner, I had a baked felafel pita filled with parsley and half of a large avocado. On the side I had a simple salad of cucumbers and iceberg lettuce. I also had some black beans on the side and some more chunky salsa (not in pic).

For dessert tonight, I couldn’t resist having another delicious Blueberry Carob Chip Scone alongside another mango.

Now, I’m happy, hehe. 😀 Off to play with my cousin and catch up with my mom.. you all have a good night!


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