My Mom’s Coming Tomorrow!

Hey guys.. just doing a quick check in before I give the house a good clean-through because my mommy’s coming early mornin’ tomorrow! 🙂 I can’t wait! It’s been 9 days without her, and boy, do I miss her! I know 9 days doesn’t seem like much, but my mom is my best friend and I love the relationship we have.

And, not only is she coming, but she’s bringing my little cousin, Nicole, with her, too! Alright, I’m getting to excited thinking about it, so let’s go on to the eats, shall we?

For lunch today I decided to go with a simple, light refreshing lunch. I chopped up a perfectly ripe mango and topped it with some vanilla soy yogurt and sprinkled flaxmeal and almonds on top. I also had two plums on the side. Lunch was fruity and satisfying!

For a snack, I couldn’t help but have another delicious Apple Pie Larabar.. my favorite!

For dinner tonight I had the hugest craving for a burger, so I made one! I made a bacon burger using the last Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Bun, some tempeh bacon, avocado, radishes, and also had a side salad of lettuce and radishes and lime, and also had some juicy plump strawberries. YUMMO! I enjoyed my burger with a refreshing glass of homemade lime-ade, using the recipe out of ED&BV. Refreshing!

I’m not sure what I’ll have for dessert tonight, though I think I’m really most in the mood for another White Bean Blondie! I’ll let you guys know tomorrow morning what I decided on.

Now I’m off! Got to get the house ready for my mommy and cousin! Have a great day!


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