Finally, a normal day

hi guys! Today was very uneventful, so I’m glad to report that today I actually had a normal day, lol. To some that may be boring, but I’m quite content with it! 🙂

for lunch this afternoon, I decided to make a VERY simple lunch comprised of my last mini whole wheat pitas from Whole foods, some homemade hummus, a side of broccoli slaw, and a huge granny smith apple. Simple, yet satisfying!

A couple hours later, I was ready for my snack, so I had a delicious Apple Pie larabar.

For dinner, I really wanted to eat my hummus again, so I rolled with that idea and had a Mediterranean style dinner! I grilled up some eggplant slices and topped them with store bought marinara sauce. I served myself some hummus and ate this alongside a simple cucumber salad. I had some baked corn tostadas, too. Dinner was delish.. I hust loved grilled eggplant (or any eggplant really). And to think, there was once a time where I was seriously freaked out by this yummy veggie (I thought it was weird that it was purple and had the name “egg” in it, lol).

Later tonight, I was ready for dessert! I baked up some blondies the other day, inspired by VeggieGirl’s mouthwatering post, but instead of using the recipe she posted, I used Celine’s White Bean Blondie recipe. Mmm.. these blondies are so yummy.. can’t believe they are filled with good for you eats! This makes for a really healthy dessert. I also had some watermelon on the side. Perfect for a lazy summer night, or any night, really.

Thank goodness for a normal day! You all have a good night! 🙂


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