It’s Hot in Here

It was really hot today, especially after it rained. Not only was it hot, but humid, ugh! Not very pleasant, so the fam just decided to stay in for most of the day.

Midmorning, I snacked on another bartlett pear (sorry, no pic! Scarfed it down before I could snap one).

For lunch, I decided to try out my first ever Fakin’ Bakin. Back when I ate meat, I use to LOVE bacon, but only ate it once in a while. I was excited to find out that there was a vegan bacon out there. I bought the Lightlife brand of tempeh bacon, and mmm! It was so good!! Definetly a keeper! I made a “BLT” wrap, using the bacon, some sliced roma tomato, red cabbage (was out of lettuce), smashed avocado spread. Yummy! I also had a red apple and some blue corn chips on the side.

In between watching TV and just hanging out with my sister, I ate a snack of half of a whole wheat bagel spread with some Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter.

My mom wanted me to go with her to Kohl’s to exchange a shirt she didn’t like. I had fun looking around and browsing through the clothes.. their so many pretty clothes that I’m so indecisive as to what to buy! When we came back, I made a quick dinner full of veggies. I steamed up some brussel sprouts and coated them in marinara sauce and had them with some baby carrots and some blue corn chips. I wasn’t really in the mood for a heavy meal on such a hot day, so I kept my “salad” simple.

I was still feeling hot for some reason, even though my house is air conditioned, so for dessert I decided to try out a Toffutti Ice Cream Bar. Mmm.. were these good! They taste better than the ones I ate back when I was a kid!

Well, that pretty much sums up my Sunday. Tomorrow, my sister and I have planned to go somewhere special. I’ll let you know where it is tomorrow.. good night! 😀


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