Seeds And Nuts

I had a pretty laid back morning. My sister and I just watched TV and then I went to do some exercise (40 min on ET).

I was pretty hungry after my workout, so I decided to fuel up with nut butter again. I toasted up a hempseed bagel, spread some Skippy Natural PB and the last of my raspberry jelly and made a PB & J bagelwich. I really like hempseeds.. they seem to fill me up pretty good. I’ve never actually seen them in a package by themselves, though. On the side, I had some spicy steamed kale (just added about 2 tsp of green salsa) and baby carrots. I washed it all down with a glass of ice cold water. Aah… refreshing!

I’m off to challenge my sister to a game of MarioKart! Hope everyone’s having a splendid Friday!


One thought on “Seeds And Nuts

  1. Your day sounds kinda like mine so far. I went on the treadmill for the second time this week (It’s been almost a years since I’ve worked out regularly!) and then watched some TV.

    I’ve never seen a hempseed bagel before but it sounds interesting!

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