Hot N Humid

UGH, it’s a hot and humid day today and my mom and I were out all day running errands. Looks like its gonna rain again soon.. and I want it to pour already so this heat can calm down a bit!

We were out pretty much all morning and afternoon and barely cam back now. The heat really does suppress my appetite.. all I wanted to do was drink gallons of cold water! Lol, but I know that’s not really healthy, so I decided to prepare a lunch. I made some black bean burgers from Veganomicon last night (thanks Syn for the inspiration!) and had one with a whole wheat bagel, some Nayonaise, ketchup, and mustard. On hte side I had some steamed kale, and some leftover lettuce and tomato salad (not pictured), along with super sweet bing cherries! Mmm-mmm-mmm! Tasty! Unlike the Chickpea Cutlets I made last time, these burgers were pure perfection! Lunch was great and left me satisfied.

On to drink ice cold water! Stay cool in this heat guys!


2 thoughts on “Hot N Humid

  1. YAYAYAYYY !!! im glad I could be of inspiration!!!
    There is nothing like bean burgers.. i swear im obsessed!!!!!
    I get like that too… when its too hot I want nothing to do “real” food.. and I ALWAYS WANT FRUIT!!!

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