Cereal.. for Dinner?

When people think of cereal, they usually associate it with breakfast. Not so in my case. Sometimes, back on campus, I found myself craving nothing more than a cold bowl of cereal for dinner.

It was very hot and humid today in our house and our AC didn’t start working until late tonight. As a result, nobody was in the mood to turn on the stove, not even my mom. My family decided to eat leftovers and I wanted nothing more than a comforting cold bowl of cereal.

My cereal today was a cup of HempPlus granola, a cup of Corn Chex, and some Kashi Go Lean cereal and poured over some soymilk. On the side I cut up a nice sweet mango and had some baby carrots as well. Not your typical dinner, but this left me totally satisfied.

For dessert, I decided to spread some Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter and some raspberry jelly on a Rudi’s Whole Wheat Organic slice of bread.

SORRY, no pics! I accidentally deleted all the pics I took. Darn! 😦

You all have a good night, though.. now that my AC is working, I’m looking forward to sleeping all cozy in my bed. Sigh… 🙂


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