An Old Fave and a New Veggie

I was really indecisive as to what I should have for lunch today. It was pretty hot today and I really wasn’t in the mood for anything too hearty.

I saw that my mom had boiled some corn and she was preparing it the way Mexicans typically do: they smother the corn with mayonnaise, dip this mixture in a Mexican type of parmesan cheese, then sprinkle some chili powder on top. Mmm.. I used to love to get this treat from street vendors on summer days. I really didn’t want to miss out on this summer fave, so I decided to veganize it. I took my corn and smothered it with Nayonaise, sprinkled on some vegan parm and topped it with chile de arbol powder. YUMMY! Of course, this didn’t taste exactly like the real thing, but I was able to appreciate its own unique take on a old summer fave of mine. On the side I cut up a mango and also had some watermelon (not very good watermelon, ugh! left some of it).

During the afternoon, while I was lazing around in my bedroom, I decided to crack open my Veganomicon book. There’s so many good recipes in this book! I must try some of them out! I was looking through the pics when I stopped by the pic showing potato and kale enchiladas, and I really was craving them for dinner. Sadly, I did not have all the ingredients on hand, so I decided to do a different version making potato tacos smothered in nutritional yest queso sauce. I sauteed some new potatoes and chopped tomatoes in EVOO and garlic. I heated up three corn tortillas and took my potatoes and stuffed them inside. I topped the tacos with queso sauce.

This was my first time trying kale, too. I steamed some and had it as a side dish. I’m not really sure if I like kale.. the taste was a bit weird to me. I will give it a second chance, since this leafy green packs a nutritional punch, but I don’t really know what to do with it. Hmm.. any ideas? I also had some red beans and a simple salad of lettuce, tomato, and radishes in lime juice and salt on the side. Dinner was delish and totally left me stuffed!

I was so stuffed after this meal, I had to do some walking to aid the digestion, lol. I told my sister to come tag along with me and we walked on over to the nearest Blockbuster and rented Sweeney Todd and The Eye. I think we’ll be seeing them sometime tonight or more likely tomorrow.

After having walked for a bit and some time later, I was ready for dessert! I had whipped up another batch of my delicious Walnut Date truffles a few days ago, so I decided to end the night indulging in three of them. Mmm.. pure bliss!

Whoo, i’m pooped! I’m off to bed.. you all have a good night!


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