Rainy Tuesday

Today was quite the rainy day here in the Windy City. Luckily, though, it did stop raining and the sun came out for the last half of the day, though it was still a bit chillier than usual.

For lunch, I decided to have an old favorite that I seemed to never get tired of: some nut butter and jelly. I had a tbsp of crunchy cashew butter spread on a whole wheat bagel and topped it with some raspberry jelly. Mmm! On the side I had a navel orange and ate another tbsp of cashew butter straight up.. yumo!

I did end up having a pretty late lunch, so I forgoed on the afternoon snack and stepped right to dinner. Of course, in between meals I was able to get some exercise in (another 45 min on my elliptical.. quite the workout!). For dinner, my mom had decided to make typical Nicaraguan fare. She made a sopa de queso, which literally translates to “cheese soup”, though this soup is not really made of entirely cheese. The base starts with water, onions, garlic, sweet bell peppers, tomatoes, and a bit of sour orange juice. Then you add masa harina (dough made of corn flour) to make a sort of chunky bisque. Then you add deep fried cheese-filled corn flour patties to the soup and garnish with some cilantro. I told my mom to save some of the soup for me before she added in the patties, so I could have a vegan version of this yummy Nicaraguan soup. It tastes like a latin version of tomato bisque, without any of the dairy! So good! I also had some homecooked pinto beans on the side, along with some blue corn chips, and yummy sweet fried plantains. So good.. I felt like I was in Nicaragua! 🙂

For dessert, I decided to have another piece of the Maple Banana Loaf I baked a while back and some watermelon. The watermelon did not come out as sweet as I would’ve like it to, though. 😦 But my baked good was great!

See you in the AM!


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