Monday Again

Hello all! It’s Monday again, but don’t worry.. the weekend’s only like, what? 5 days away? We can make it! 🙂

For breakfast this morning I decided to try out a new granola I bought a while back – Nature’s Path Hemp Plus granola. I poured myself a cup of it and had it with some soymilk and two small navel oranges on the side (we’re out of fresh fruit!). I did like this granola.. it’s not as awesome as my Ginger Zing granola, but it’s a nice change from the norm. The only thing I disliked is that the flax seeds were whole.. they’re just gonna fly by my digestive system and I won’t get to absorb any of its nutrients. This is why I also added some ground flaxmeal on top. Breakfast was delish!

After breakfast, my mom and I went to Walmart to get some things and went next door to Kohl’s to check out the clothes. When we came back, I was hungry for lunch! I toasted up a hempseed bagel and spread some natural PB and strawberry jelly on both of them and had some baby carrots and unsweetened applesauce w/ cinnamon sprinkled on top. Lunch satisfied me well. Now I’m off to go get ready because we’re picking up our friend from his hotel and taking him to the airport. It was fun having him here, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again very soon. 🙂

Catch y’all later!


3 thoughts on “Monday Again

  1. It irks me that ALL of the Nature’s Path products that contain flaxseed, use WHOLE flaxseeds – those can’t be digested!! Grr!! Haha sorry, but it’s just really annoying and unhealthy :0)

    Sounds like you’ve had a fun day so far!! Hope the rest goes just as well :0)

  2. erica:

    my bagels are weird! Lol, all of my hempseed bagels have the huge holes in them. I thought all of them were like that, until I saw other bloggers and their bagels didn’t look like mine!

    I must’ve bought a defective bag of bagels or something, lol.

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