Weekend Wrap Up

Hey everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty eventful and I’m sorry I didn’t have any time to post until now. Nut I’m here now, so let’s go on to the food! Starting with…

Saturday, May 31st


For breakfast I craved nothing more but a nice bowl of cereal, so I had the exact same breakfast I had on Friday. I know, I know.. bo-ring! I myself hate having the exact same breakfast two days in a row, but it was what I was craving, so there! Lol. I had a combo of Cinnamon Puffins and Kashi Go Lean cereal with some soymilk and flax. As always, a banana on the side. Mmm!


I decided to have some leftover Roasted Vegetable Pizza my sister didn’t finish along with some black beans and baby carrots. I also had some unsweetened applesauce and a pineapple ring on the side. Totally filled me right up. 🙂


We were invited over to my little sister’s best friend’s birthday party (he turned 15) and so we went and had a good time laughing and throwing water balloons, among other things. Of course, the food was an old-fashioned barbecue where they were grilling up hamburgers and hot dogs. Soo not vegan! No worries though, because I had eaten a sensible lunch beforehand and I had packed up an emergency Larabar. I ate it when I started to feel hungry. Totally held me over until dinnertime.


Sorry, no picture! My camera had ran out of batteries. But I was able to make some vegan tacos at the barbecue (luckily, the family was latin, so you know that they’d have corn tortillas on hand! lol). I made the tacos using two corn tortillas and filled them with beans, red onions, lettuce, tomato and avocado. I also had some Spanish rice on the side. Yum! Here are some pics of the party from my sister’s camera to compensate for my pics, lol.


I had some Swedish fish from the party goody bags. I used to eat these all the time when I was a kid and it brought back so many memories, hehe. I was so glad to find out that they were vegan, but of course, they’re a treat and not to be eaten all the time, but once in a while, they’re ok, right? 🙂

Sunday, June 1st

Today was the first day of June… my, how time flies! Today was also Sunday, and you know what that means.. it’s church day! But I always make sure that I have a balanced breakfast so I can focus on the sermon and not on a growling tummy! I decided to have some good ol’ fashioned oats with mashed banana. I saw a baby food jar of pureed carrots, so I decided to add that to my oatmeal and make a carrot cake version of oats. I also added some soymilk, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts, and flax to the mix. Delish!

Look at that pretty orange color!


Our friend who is in town had a break mid day from his conferences, so we decided to pick him up and take him to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Chi-Tung. I ordered a Vegetable Soup as a starter (also sipped on some oolong tea) and then ate some of the vegetable chow mein alongside some steamed brown rice. Mmm-mmm.. tasty!


After the lunch, we took our friend up north to a suburb called Wilmette, near Evanston, to show him this awesome looking house of worship – Baha’i House of Worship. We brought him there because it’s kind of a tourist attraction. It’s such a pretty building!

On our way to the house, we were able to pass by the Northwestern University campus and I couldn’t help but remember my school. Hehe, but that’s ok.. I still don’t want to go back for a while! 😉

I forgot to take a pic of my snack, which was a mini box of raisins and some mixed nuts because I ate it before I could snap one! Sorry.. but here are some pics from my sister’s camera from our trip to Baha’i:

From left to right: My little sister, Ana Maria, me, my mom, our friend, and my dad


No formal dinner tonight. I just ate some watermelon that my sister shared with me and some Cinnamon Puffins. I guess the heat affects my appetite at times. Well, that was my weekend. Hope you had a great one, too! Nighty-nite! 😀


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. OMG! You live near Evanston? My parents and my sister went to Northwestern, and my mom’s whole side of the family lives in/around Wilmette. We have many pictures in front of the Bahai temple as well:)

  2. Hey Caroline!

    Yea, I live in Chicago, actually, so it’s not that far away from Evanston. This was actually my first time going up there, and it’s such a nice place!

    Oh, how cool! I didn’t know you had family up here! The Bahai temple was a nice place to visit.. I’m sure you know that, though, since you’ve been there! 🙂

  3. i get weird finicky eating habits when it gets hot out too… last night I had a bowl of cereal which is very unlike me… sounds like you had a fun weekend!!!!

    (yummm pizza)

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