Return From Unwanted Hiatus

I’m sorry guys for just abruptly disappearing like that. My house has not had Internet service these past few days so I was unable to update the blog, but I’m back now and that’s what counts, right? 🙂 On to a LONG post about food…

Tuesday, May 27:


I had a mini bagel sandwich made with a toasted mini bagel spread with some Nayonaise and spicy brown mustard and the last Amy’s Breakfast Patty as the “meat”. I also had some beans on the side as well as a cut up mango.


I had the last Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy Orange Bar with some cut up kiwi. I need to buy more of these yummy bars!


I had a huge dinner plate comprised of lightly steamed broccoli, tomatoes, sauteed zucchini, a corn on the cob, and a Chickpea Cutlet. It was my first time making this recipe, and I’m sad to report that I did not like the way it came out, but I did make a lot of substitutions, so that might be the real culprit for this disappointing cutlet.

Wednesday, May 28


I baked a banana bread on Tuesday night because there were two really ripe bananas in our kitchen that were begging to be baked into one. I used the recipe from The Everyday Vegan and decided to bake it into a square pan instead of a loaf pan. I had a slice of it for breakfast (mmm!) with a banana and a jug of plain soymilk.


For lunch, I knew I wanted a nut butter sandwich, but I was so indecisive about which nut butter to use, so I didn’t. I toasted up two mini whole wheat bagels and each slice had a different nut butter (crunchy and creamy peanut butter, cashew butter, dark chocolate peanut butter) and each had strawberry or raspberry jelly. I also tried out a new soy yogurt: a Cinnamon Bun flavored one.. MMM! Soo good!! How did they manage to squeeze in a baked good in a yogurt? I topped the yogurt with flaxmeal and ate an orange as well.


I didn’t need a snack today, my lunch held me quite well through dinnertime, where I had a typical Salvadoran meal of pupusa (filled with vegetarian refried beans) and curtido (a type of cole slaw.. read about the dish by clicking the name). My mom’s best friend is from El Salvador and she was so kind as to show my mom the way to make this delicious traditional meal. I found a good recipe for it here, so if you ever feel like straying away from the norm, give it a try!

This meal left me so stuffed! But it was so good!

Thursday, May 29


Today I decided to finish off my box of Nature’s Path Ginger Zing granola with some plain soymilk and flaxmeal. I also had a banana on the side. Delish!


My mom and I drove over to Chicago Premium Outlets, an exquisite outlet mall, today shortly after breakfast and we were having the time of our lives there, just walking and looking around (and also made a few buys, too) that we totally lost track of time. We were so into the mall that we didn’t even get hungry until we came back from home. I didn’t get to eat lunch a whole 7 hours after having eaten breakfast! I decided to make something quick and easy and threw together my lunch. I poured half a packet of Sazon Goya on some chickpeas and heated this up in the microwave. I had that alongside some tomato slices, half of a yummy avocado, and 5 Whole Foods Mini Whole Wheat Pitas.


Dinner was served in a glass tonight. It was a smoothie comprised of 1 cup of soymilk, 1 cup and a half of frozen mixed berries, some flaxmeal, and 2 tbsp of dark chocolate peanut butter. Quite the array of flavors, but refreshing nonetheless. It’s pictured in the glass I blended it in because I didn’t want to dirty more dishes. I also had a craving for a Homestyle Carob Chip, so I ate that as well along with a juicy orange. I know I could’ve eaten something way better, but this was what I wanted so I’ll do better next time.


I wanted another cookie (the last one! 😦 Must bake another batch soon!), so I had one for dessert. Yummy!

Sorry for the unwanted break from posting, but glad to be back. You all have a good night!


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