Sunday Wrap Up

Sunday was quite the eventful day, but it was very enjoyable as well.

For breakfast, I decided to try out a new product. Inspired in part by Paulina, I decided to have quinoa for breakfast. Using Quinoa Flakes I bought at my local health food store, I treated this like hot cereal and added my usual oatmeal mix-ins. I mashed up a large banana, mixed that in, along with a splash of hempmilk, some raisins, and chopped walnuts. This hot cereal was interesting… I’m not really sure if I really like it yet, but it could be one of those things that the more you eat, the more you like, so I’m sure I’ll give this another try.

After breakfast, we went to visit an old family friend at his church called Family Christian Center, located in Munster, IN. It was a really nice church and I really enjoyed the sermon… the pastor preached as “Indiana Jones” on a quest to find the lost ark. There was a set, he was dressed in character, and even rode in on a white horse! VERY interesting and let me tell you, I saw NOBODY falling asleep. It was really good and I hope to visit this church sometime again.

After church, the family went over to the friend’s house located in Merrillville, IN along with other friends and the carne asada commenced. I was not nervous, though, because I had brought in my own food to grill. I decided to bring in some tomatoes, zucchini, and “cebollitas” (little onions) and grilled these and had these alongside Spanish brown rice. I saw they were also grilling plantains, and you know I can’t deny plantains, so I had one of them as well. There was also homemade guacamole and I had some of that as well. Check out my smorgasbord of a plate:

At the cookout, I met a naturopathic doctor who was also a vegan! I’ve never met another vegan before, so it was ecstatic to find someone else that thought the same way I did.. I always feel like the black sheep everywhere I go. We definitely hit it off and we spent the whole time together talking about food, proper nutrition, natural healing and medicine, and so much more.. it was a great time! 🙂 My family was having such a good time that we didn’t end up leaving until 11 o’clock at night! There was really no formal “dinner” because everyone just kept eating and eating.. lol! I couldn’t do that.. I usually have to stick to a schedule when it comes to eating, so a couple of hours after eating my lunch, I ate some walnuts and a cherry pie larabar. I was a bit apprehensive to try out this flavor, since a lot of bloggers didn’t seem to like it that much, but I found it to be ok – not great, but not awful, either.

People were ready for dessert a few hours later and I had brought in a vegan carrot cake (shh! Nobody knew beforehand that I made it and that it was vegan). The cake was made using Lindsay’s awesome recipe, but made in a cake pan instead of a muffin tin. I was still not really in the mood for dessert. For some reason, the snack really filled me up (maybe the addition of the walnuts?). Before I knew it, the cake was gone! I couldn’t even get a slice.. everyone loved it! It was then that I informed them I had baked it and that it was vegan. NOBODY believed me and they were SHOCKED that it tasted so good. Glad to show omnis that vegan food is just (if not, more) delicious as theirs. I was able to take a photo of the cake coming out of the oven, so here it is:

So I found I was not really that hungry for dinner, but around 9 oclock I started to feel a bit hungry and luckily they decided to grill some corn so I had some grilled corn seasoned with salt and pepper. MMMM.. so good! Perfect way to end the night.

Quite the eventful day, but like I said, it was a fun time and I even got to meet another vegan, in the most unlikely of places (a carne asada, how ironic)!

Since we had a late night last night, we were quite pooped and all of us slept in until 9:30. Ahh.. it’s always nice to sleep in! 🙂 For breakfast, I just wanted a cold bowl of cereal, so I had 2 cups of Kashi Go Lean Cereal and a few tablespoons of Nature’s Path Ginger Zing granola and some flaxmeal sprinkled on top. Served alongside a huge banana and the last of my hempmilk, it was quite the delicious and refreshing meal. 🙂

Whoo.. sorry for the long post! I hope everybody’s having a great Memorial Day as we commemorate those who fight for our freedom.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up

  1. What a fabulous Sunday you had!! Haha, nice call keeping the vegan part of the cake recipe a secret beforehand ;0)

    Yeah, that’s the ONLY Larabar flavor that I DON’T swoon over – go for the other ones, for sure!!

  2. don’t apologize for the long post, they’re my personal favorite! the cookout sounds like it was tons of fun, that’s so exciting that you got a chance to bong with a fellow vegan 🙂 and carrot cake definitely looks like the success it was!

    p.s. that was mighty brave of you with the cherry pie larabar 😉 the others are so much better!!!!

  3. woah another vegan@ I feel like i am the only one wherever i am!!! I had a bbq today and all my friends thought I was crazy when I put on lots of veggies and a veggie burger on the grill..and I bet mine was better than all theirs!!!!! What is that black bananna looking thing???

    hey would you mind if i put you on my blog roll?

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