What to Eat?

After some resting and digesting from my lunch, my sister wanted to go out and walk around stores for a bit and then we went to Panera Bread cause she wanted their Portabello and Mozzarella panini. But I really wasn’t in the mood for anything at Panera.

Then we came home and I still didn’t find anything appealing here as well. So, what was I going to eat for dinner? After contemplating everything I could make, I decided on an old favorite that never fails: a nut butter and jelly sandwich. I toasted up two slices of Rudi’s Organic Whole Wheat Bread and spread 2 tbsp of crunchy cashew butter on them and also put some strawberry jelly on top. On the side I had some leftover carrots my mom didn’t use for a dish and a fruit bowl of papaya and pineapple. Nothing too exciting, but it’s a staple I can always count on. 🙂

Tomorrow is church day, so I may or may not have time to post tomorrow morning. The family was also invited to a carne asada (a cookout where grilled beef is the main attraction) so I don’t think I will be able to post meals until tomorrow night. Thanks for understanding. Have a good night!


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