Mexican Eats

My sister came from work around noon and said she had a craving for Mexican food, so she invited all of us out for lunch to our local favorite Mexican restaurant.

Once there, I knew exactly what I wanted: a gordita stuffed with vegetarian refried beans and guacamole. The waitress also brought some more of the guacamole and I decided to make a taco out of it using one of their hand rolled tortillas, some green peppers, red onions, and cucumber left over from my sister’s dish (she doesn’t like raw veggies like that). Lunch was so good and so satisfying. I’m pretty stuffed now!

I’m off to rest and digest now… hope your Saturday is going swell!


One thought on “Mexican Eats

  1. HEY AGAIN!!! thanks for the post 🙂

    Im new at the blogging thing too so its always fun to get new readers 🙂

    So i jus went out and bought some taco shells (blue corn) and your mexican makes me want to whip up some delish tacos!!!

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