The Power to Morph: Not Just for Superheroes!

For lunch today I decided to have leftovers again. I love to use leftovers and “morph” them into a new meal, a philosophy I’ve learned from the Food Network’s Robin Miller.

Today I had yesterday’s chile relleño stuffing and added 2 pan-fried Yves veggie dog links and combined the two. Delish! I find that these veggie dogs were really good (although processed, I know, but once in a while it’s not so bad). On the side I also had some leftover chopped carrots and celery, two corn tostadas, and had another bowl of refreshing yellow watermelon. Yummy!

Morphing is no longer just for superheroes! I encourage you to find new meals by “morphing” leftovers.. you might be pleasantly surprised with the meals you come up with!

After lunch, my sister called from work saying she wanted a Roasted Veggie Pizza from Trader Joe’s so my mom and I went there and bought her a pizza. We also walked around for a bit and then went to go pick up my little sister from school.

When we came back, I found I was hungry so I decided to have another yummy slice of Sunny Pineapple Cake along with cut-up kiwi. Totally satisfied my hunger and my sweet tooth!

I’m still not sure what to have for dinner tonight.. I would have pizza, but I’m quite burned out from last week’s pizza meals. I think I might have to use my morphing power to transform some other leftovers… 😉


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