Chocolate: Not Only for Chocolate Lovers

Hello again! How is everyone’s Friday been? I just want to say that I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments.. sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that my blog actually has readers. So I just want to say I appreciate you guys and thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

I really had no idea what to cook or eat for dinner. I had no real cravings for anything and the thought of actually cooking something just wasn’t too appealing. I saw that my mom had cooked two batches of beans (one red and one pinto). I decided to just pour myself a bowl of the two. In the fridge I saw some leftover boiled plantains, so I heated those up and had them alongside carrots and celery and some green salsa for dipping. Nothing too exciting, but it was what I wanted and so I ate it.

As for my dessert tonight… I had it planned since last night. After eating my delicious cookies, I was in the mood to make another sweet treat: truffles! These were really just whipped up on a whim and I’m thrilled at how yummy they turned out to be! I know, I know.. I said I didn’t love chocolate, but every once in a while I find chocolate appealing (plus I’m not sure if carob chips can melt well… if not I would’ve made carob truffles. Maybe for another cooking adventure?). I made some delicious Walnut Date Truffles (check the recipe page for the recipe!) and boy, were these good! I’m surprised at myself for being able to concoct such a delicious treat! Here are my truffles, just chillin’ in the fridge.

And here are the two that I devoured tonight.

The chocolate was melting in my hands, hehe. The filling is what truly made these guys (though chocolate lovers may argue that the chocolate is the best part). My truffles tasted like a chocolate covered larabar! YUM! I may not be a chocolate lover, but I can certainly enjoy them just as much. πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Chocolate: Not Only for Chocolate Lovers

  1. Hey im new to your blog so HELLO!!!! OMG TRUFFLES!!!! would you mind sending me the recipe?? ( They look AMAZING… ( i love chocolate)

    I feel like sometimes I get overwhelmed with WHAT THE HELL TO MAKE FOR DINNER!!! I always add beans to whatever i eat though (protein protein protein!)

  2. Hi, I love your blog! I’m a 16 year old soon to be junior in high school and I’m gonna be taking my CNA test next year so its great to know you’re studying to become a nurse. Although I’m still not sure what my career will be, I’m pretty sure it’ll be something related to health/medicine.

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