Orange You Glad I Didn’t Have Banana…

… in my oats today? Lol, do you all remember that annoying joke? Well, today’s breakfast reminded me of it thanks to the orange colors present in my meal today.

Last night, I put 1/2 cup rolled oats and 1/2 hempmilk in a bowl and put it in the fridge. I knew that I wanted oats today, but I wasn’t quite sure what fill-ins I wanted until this morning when I went to take out the soaked oats and saw the leftover mashed sweet potatoes from last night sitting right beside it. Hmm… I wonder?

I decided to swap my regular banana for these delicious mashed sweet potatoes in my oats, and boy, was I glad I did! Who knew sweet potatoes would be great in oats? I topped this orange bowl with 1 tbsp of roasted walnuts and sprinkled some unsweetened coconut and flaxmeal on top. I also drizzled some maple syrup (found it hiding in the pantry!) and some cinnamon on top. YUMMO! I didn’t want this bowl of oats to end… it was so good! I will definitely try this combo again! I also had an orange on the side.

And so, I ask again: orange you glad I decided not to have bananas in my oats today? 😀


3 thoughts on “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Have Banana…

  1. Ahh, no!!!! Not THAT joke!!!! Super annoying, indeed – thanks for reminding me about it, haha ;0)

    What a fun way to change up your usual bowl of oats! Yum!

  2. ooh how creative! i jumped right over to see what you had for breakfast after your post on my blog, haha, looks great. i definitely am going to try it but i think i have to wait until i’m out of bananas too, i just love them that much 🙂

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