No Job, Medicore Lunch

Well, I went to the “job interview” only to find out that the job I wanted had already filled in. 😦 I decided not to even interview since I was not qualified for any other jobs available.

Oh well, guess it wasn’t meant to be. At least I still get to look forward to lazy days, hehe. 🙂 My mom and I decided to go to the mall and walk for a bit and return a shirt that she didn’t like.

Afterwards, we came back and I started to get hungry. I was not really in the mood to cook anything and luckily I remembered that I had bought a canned soup a while back. While searching the pantry, I found the Health Valley Organic Split Pea soup I was looking for. I heated it up and served myself a cup and half. I also grabbed a serving of GG blue corn chips (i LOVE these) and peeled a nice sweet orange.

Blah! I had really high hopes for this soup, but it was just a big mess of nothing, lol. It tasted so bland. I tried adding some salt (bad, I know) and it was STILL bland. I had to force myself to finish my portion because I don’t believe in wasting food, but ugh! The only thing that really saved this meal was the chips and the orange. Let’s just say that I will never buy this soup again.

Hmm.. what to do now? I guess I could watch TV or maybe I’ll go for a nice walk (it IS a nice day today)… we’ll see. 🙂 Be back later!


2 thoughts on “No Job, Medicore Lunch

  1. So sorry about the job :0( But as you said, it must not have been meant to be – the right job WILL come along soon! :0)

    Ahh, sorry about the soup as well!

    Take a walk, and then go watch some Food Network!! :0)

  2. Ah well, I’m sorry about the interview (and the soup). Everything happens for a reason though so just think of the job… and lunch… that fate has in store for you :). Btw, we had an almost identical breakfast, funny coincidences!

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