It’s A Boy!

I find that no matter how small a party or get-together is, there always seems to be room for stress! I can’t believe how stressed out my sister and I were while decorating and preparing the food. I guess we just wanted the party to be perfect, and even though it was quite small (only 10 people), it was still a very fun night, despite the stresses we had to endure. It was all worth it in the end. 🙂

During the hectic afternoon, I had a quick lunch of homemade hummus filled whole wheat pita and an orange. Good thing this was a portable meal, because I had to be up on my feet and helping out while eating.

Since most of the invites were of Mexican descent, my sister decided to serve Mexican food. The menu included chicken tinga, ground beef tacos, Mexican rice, authentic (meaning lard-filled) refried beans, some chips and salsa, homemade guacamole, sour cream, chopped lettuce and tomatoes. It was a build your own taco/tostada style buffet. And it was a hit. Everyone complimented my mom’s cooking, and I must say, everything did look good and tasty. But wait? What did the vegan eat? Well, I had saved over some vegetarian homemade refried beans, some brown rice, and I had 3 baked corn tostadas with lots of nutritional yeast queso sauce for dipping. With my meal, I certainly did not feel left out in the Mexican fiesta! 🙂

After playing and games and having a good time, it was cake time! And the cake just had to be my all time favorite cake of all time: Tres Leches. Of course, as delicious as this cake is, it is certainly NOT vegan. But I didn’t want to miss out on any dessert.. we vegans have our sweet tooth, too! So I served myself some fruit salad and heated up half of an ABC Colossal Chocolate Chip cookie. 😀

The baby shower was quite a success. The expectant mom was quite thrilled and very surprised. She had no idea that we were throwing her a party and she was quite grateful. It is her first child and she was thrilled when she found out it was a boy.

Congratulations Vanessa! Hope to get to meet lil’ Geovanni soon!


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