Leftovers and a New Veggie

Well, I decided to follow VeggieGirl’s advice and went back to watching the Food Network. I can never get bored of that channel. But instead of fully wasting my time watching TV, I decided to compromise and do some organizing during commercials. I did make a little bit of a dent in my organizing, but I’ve got much to go still.

After having watched a lot of cooking shows, I decided to go out and get some air by walking to my nearest library. The good news is I checked out an old favorite: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The bad news, I didn’t get any books because I have no idea what to read. Hopefully I’ll find a book next time I go.

After my library trip I was hungry and didn’t feel like eating a snack, I wanted dinner! So, I decided to heat up last night’s leftover pizza and roasted a new veggie I got from the Farmer’s Market: asparagus! I’ve never had asparagus before, but now I’m wondering, where has this yummy veg been all my life?? Why didn’t I try it before? It’s so good! I really enjoyed them. This vegetable will definitely be making more appearances in my diet.

I wanted some fruit for dessert tonight, so I cut up a gala apple and served me a 1/2 cup of Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbetto. This sorbet is REALLY decadent. Very good, indeed! I also had a nice juicy peach as well.

I’m off to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit with my sister. I hope you all have a good night!


One thought on “Leftovers and a New Veggie

  1. Haha, hooray!! Glad that you watched more Food Network AND got some organization done – best of both worlds :0)

    Ahh, ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ is such a classic comedy!! Love it.

    Wait a minute… you’ve NEVER had asparagus before?!?!?! Thank goodness you finally discovered its deliciousness!! :0)

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