Eat What You Crave

I had a lot of cravings for certain foods today, and I decided to satisfy every single one. For lunch I suddenly had a craving for falafel and so I decided to fry up some patties using a store-bought mix. My mom and I both wanted to try out the new food processor, so we also decided to make homemade hummus. I stuffed my whole wheat pita with fried falafel, some homemade hummus, and tomatoes. I ate a perfectly sweet mango on the side (my mango-cutting skills seem to be improving.. yay!).

My big sister came home early and she took me to Walmart and we did some shopping here and there. I did some begging and convinced my sister to take me to Trader Joe’s because I had a craving for Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza. Fortunately, she obliged and I bought the pizza. 🙂 After coming home from our shopping trip, I had another craving. this time for a good ol’ Homestyle Carob Chip Cookie. I heated one up in the microwave and had it alongside some soymilk and a sweet tangerine (gotta get in my fruit somewhere).

These cookies are the bomb! Make them today!

After eating my afternoon snack/dessert, I set out to make my dinner. I wanted pizza, so that’s what I had. I grated some FYH mozzarella cheese over half of the pizza so I was able to to have a plain slice and “cheesy” slice. While the pizza was in the oven, I cut up some red cabbage and cucumbers and steamed some broccoli.

Today was definitely a good day, food-wise. All my meals were delicious and totally satisfied my cravings. Have a good night!


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