Rainy Humpday

Happy Wednesday everybody! For those who are in the middle of the workweek, don’t fret.. the weekend is closer than you think!

I woke up today to a very dreary looking day outside. It seems we’ll be getting rain today. In an attempt to brighten the day a little I decided to have another sweet breakfast today. I had bought Barbara’s Bakery Peanut Butter Puffins a while ago, but never got a chance to give it a try until today.

YUM! This cereal is a peanut butter lover’s dream! It is full of peanut buttery goodness. I combined my serving with some Kashi Go Lean cereal and poured some light soymilk on top. I also added in a few carob chips to make the bowl a little more decadent. YUMMY! I had some strawberries and a strawberry peanut butter smoothie on the side (my mom made the smoothie esp. for me, so I would’ve felt bad if I didn’t take some).

My breakfast had peanut butter all over but since it is my one of my favorite nut butters, I sure didn’t mind it in my meal. 🙂 Have a happy humpday!


One thought on “Rainy Humpday

  1. Yeah, the weather here is terrible, once again, as well – it’s storming! >:0(

    Loooove your nut-butter-filled breakfast, and your addition of carob chips to the Puffins – yum!

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